That’s me

Ben Boles

Born in January 1970 my musical journey started in the age of six years. I’ve learned and played the classical violin from six to sixteen. With nine years I’ve played the first time in front of an audience. And I loved it to play conxerts with a youth chamber orchestra. But then in summer 1986 I saw Freddie Mercury and Queen and I was infected by the Rock’n’Roll-Virus.

I started to play bass and acoustic guitar and formed my first own band called „Forgotten Sons“. Aftrer those first steps and a few other band projects, I decided to go my own way and quitted playing in bands. Since today I love to do solo-shows because for me that’s the „baked truth“. A good song only needs a well played guitar, a good voice and recognisable melody. And – strong lyrics, with a good attitude, a good sense of humour without telling bullshit.

But at first and at the end I’m an entertainer. I love and prefer to play concerts, making those people in front of me happy and hopefully send them home with some of my words to think about. To communicate and fool around with them spontaneously and let them forget their daily business and sorrows for a moment. That’s the bond between me and my teaching masters of entertainment, my old friend Freddie Mercury, ol’ blues eyes Frank Sinatra and the german giant Udo Jürgens.